Getting a Magento Access Token

Getting a Magento Access Token allows you to connect your Magento store to Wayflyer. Once you are connected, our team can  send you financing offers and you can view your performance dashboards.
Step 1 - Sign up on Wayflyer
You have probably already completed this step, but if you haven't you can sign up for an account. Once you select the Magento shopping platform, you will be prompted to enter your Store URL and Access token.
Connect Magento Account to Wayflyer
Step 2 - Add New Integration for Wayflyer
Before you can get an access token you need to create an integration for Wayflyer within Magento. In your Magento admin panel, go to Settings -> Extensions -> Integrations, and click Add New Integration.
Add New Integration for Wayflyer
Specify the name of the integration as "Wayflyer" and provide your admin password. You can leave the other fields blank.
Specify the name of the integration
Click on the API tab on the left, and select the checkbox called "Sales". Then go to Stores -> Settings and select the "All Stores" checkbox.
Adding Magento Permissions
Click on the "Save" and you will see that the Wayflyer integration has been added.
Step 3 - Activate the Integration and get the Access Token
Click on the "Activate" link in the row with the newly created Wayflyer integration, then select "Allow" when prompted.
Add New Integration for Wayflyer
Your access token for Wayflyer is now available!
Get you access token for Wayflyer
Make sure to copy the Access Token (the third value in the list).
Step 4 - Provide the Access Token to Wayflyer
Return to Wayflyer, and complete the form by adding your Magento store URL and the access token from the previous step.
Provide the access token to Wayflyer
Your Magento store should now be connected. If you don't see that Magento is connected please contact our team.
Step 5 - Continue to connect other datasources
You're all set, you can now continue to add your marketing and analytics platform, and sit back and wait for your finance offers.