Wayflyer Card

Wayflyer Card is the best way to fund your marketing spend. Learn more about how the Wayflyer Card works and how to apply.

The Wayflyer Card is a virtual Visa Card that you can use to pay for marketing (such as Google and Facebook Ads) and other business expenses. You get funding from Wayflyer directly onto this card which you can then use for any expense that accepts card payments.

Fees are typically lower for funding on the Wayflyer Card and can be as low as 0%.

The Wayflyer Card is currently available to businesses with at least $30k in monthly online revenue and who are registered in the United States, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Ireland and The Netherlands.

Repayments are made daily and start the day after you receive the funds.

You can use your Wayflyer Card to spend on marketing, advertising or any other business expenses that accepts card payments. For example, you can pay your Google or Facebook Ads, or, if your marketing agency accepts credit card payments, you can pay for that too. Funds issued on the card must be spent in the same currency and country.

You can apply for a Wayflyer Card as part of our regular funding request process. When you discuss your funding needs with our team you can decide if you want all or part of your funding on a Wayflyer Card.

The Wayflyer Zero Percent Card works the same as the Wayflyer Card with just two key differences;

  • The fee is 0%. That's right, no fees.
  • The repayment period is typically 45-60 days.

If you have any questions on your eligibility for a Wayflyer Card please contact sales@wayflyer.com. The key requirement is that that you have at least $30k in monthly revenue.

If you are an existing Wayflyer customer and have questions about your Wayflyer Card, please contact your Customer Success Manager or send an email to support@wayflyer.com.